We offer:


* Individual and Group bespoke courses, in 

   English, French and German:

    - for beginners

    - for advanced learners

    - with a focus on Business vocabulary

* A range of courses to improve your Business and

   Personal success

* Built in flexibility

* Tailored to your requirements, adaptable to different language

   levels and job skills

* Possibility of short-term and long-term engagements



* Group Courses (max. 5 participants)      

   Course for Beginners / or

   Advanced participants                                                      € 410,00


* Individual Courses

   Course for beginner / or

   Advanced participant                                                                € 119,00


- Courses can be conducted at your site (classroom provided

   by you) or at our Offices, where appropriate        

- Our travel costs within Vienna are included in the Price

- Flexible start dates available, with the option of

   postponement with 24 hours notice - just give me a Call.